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strength intelligence Inezz's Prophecy Battlemage
By: Kagero16
endurance intelligence Test
By: Kagero16

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ON  Deck - LEGENDARY DECK SPOTLIGHT - Sterling Archer2 years ago +1
I'm going to build this deck asap when i save enough soul gems, love archer so much!
ON  Deck - Pherians Forge + Rage2 years ago 0
this deck is litttt
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ON  Deck - [Booms] Rage Archer2 years ago 0
Rage combos are so satisfying
ON  Deck - [LEGEND] Summon Drain Monk1 year ago 0
Why don't you use ahnassi and curse/skulk?
ON  Deck - Sovngarde Mage1 year ago 0
I just love your decks so much, thanks
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