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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago +2
Synfidie wrote:
I put Mundus in all decks. People sh*t on this card, but it's worth it when you get drains and wards off it.
I like Mundus too, but not in decks that only have 24 creatures and very few low cost ones. Also you're taking up a support slot and that can be annoying with this type of deck.
ON  Card - Skeletal Dragon2 years ago +3
There are other cards that draw from the discard pile: Falkreath Defiler, Militant Chieftain, Blood Magic Lord/Raise Dead, Black Worm Necromancer, Journey to Sovngarde, Gravesinger and Alduin.
ON  Deck - Ancano's Cunning2 years ago +9
Thank you for creating the default decks... saves the rest of us a lot of time.
ON  Deck - New tempo scout from Ksedden! Hype it!2 years ago +4
That bat isn't cheesy, he's a monster! And one of my best friends.
ON  Card - Ring of Imaginary Might2 years ago +2
Don't you think 4 is a bit cheap? Savage Orca costs 7 and is only for the current move. This can totally turns the board around.



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