ON  Card - Mulaamnir6 months ago +2
JackAries wrote:
Or World Eater's Eerie
Someone played that combo against me and he ate my entire army.
I like this deck... pretty solid. I only made a couple of personal preference changes.

Dagoth Ur and Aleena for one each Child of Hircine and Torval. Just for some instant removal and because you know, Dagoth Ur.
ON  Deck - Prophecy Nix1 year ago -1
Fate Weaver is for card draw and synergy with uprising. The prophecy kicks in even when Fate Weaver is not played as a prophecy, so you can have a few chances to hit.
ON  Deck - Sacrifice Telvanni, Aug Legend1 year ago 0
- in with a couple Falling Wizards. I read elsewhere that when summoned by Tullius Conscription, the Wardcrafter can buff these before they kill themselves.

I have seen this in action and it's not fair. If the Wardcrafter drops before the Wizard, fine. But what happens is that even when the Wizard drops first, the Wardcrafter gets to cast ward before the Wizard takes it's damage. It should be hit and miss, but he gets warded every time.
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ON  Deck - [Rage Control] My Ring Hungers1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
I've had a good run with tis deck (11-4). It has a lot of good resources.

About Morag Tong Nightblade, I find it almost unplayable against buff supports and I rarely get actions from her. Before I replace her, I thought I'd ask you what I'm missing.
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ON  Deck - HLAALU POWER DRUNK MONK (with Strategy)1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
I think the recent changes destroyed the curve. Only 11 creatures 3 and below.in a 75 card deck makes it hard to get on board.
ON  Deck - Necromancer + Conjuration Scholar = Busted. 1 year ago +1
He works well with Doppleganger too.
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ON  Card - Ahnassi1 year ago 0
That's awesome. I did steal rally with her once, but I didn't know it stacked.
ON  Deck - Altar Telvanni Ramp1 year ago 0
You have the Altar of Despair, but no 6 cost creatures... that dead spot makes it hard to play.
ON  Deck - 90% Yellow Token Hlaalu1 year ago +1
Sorry, I didn't notice Haunted Manor. But I would still think a Crusader deck could still take most of the advantage of the new cards with a more dependable 50 card limit.
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