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ON  News - Balance Patch 2.132 weeks ago Edited 2 weeks ago   +2
To the voiceless: The fact I can see your nord firebrands after you play the raiding party isnt the problem.. your knight of gnisis giving them rally buffs that "i" as in your opponent can see in your hand is. I already knew it was there because I remember it. A randomly applied effect like rally isnt random if the effect is known and easily played around

This change is a net loss to the fun imo.
Yes I understand that people sometimes forget the firebrand and it's annoying when you do and lose to it. But seeing that the nord firebrand is now a 0 cost territorial viper because of a card effect giving him lethal is broken and it telegraphs way too much of your opponents strategy and hand.
Games will never be won only conceded from

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ON  News - Balance Patch 2.132 weeks ago +2
This patch is so fucking broken.
So murkwater witch and general tullius I have seen this happen. The card they generated(Curse, colovian trooper) is shown to the opponent
(me in these cases)
So when a curse is generated from murkwater I see that as your opponent, Tullius colovian troops too, my problem is that those generated cards show everything from stats to cost AND ANY CHANGES to stats and cost the creatures show to the opponent any rally effects they gain, any spells show any empower scores if it gains a ward or lethal in hand as your opponent I see that plain as you do and this is ALWAYS, I always see the cards in your hand that were generated in game
The fact I can ACTUALLY SEE A CARD IN YOUR HAND, but not only that, I CAN SEE THE RALLY EFFECTS EMPOWERS AND STATS, if it gains war I see that. This is so absurdly broken its unbelievable. Undo this change. it's stupid to think I cant remember a card myself.
Keep in mind this is right in the patch notes. Intended change.
This is just so dumb it needs to be changed back right now

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ON  Card - Tel Vos Magister11 months ago Edited 11 months ago   +1
Yes but not arbitrary or randomly picked,It would work as follows. When say unstoppable rage on breakthrough is used against a warded opponent the "first instance" would be stopped by the ward on face meaning the first creature in the lane that suffered breakthrough enough to die starting from the left most spot in the lane. With red year ancano works the same always starts left so left most field lane, moving right. All aoe works this way drain vitality to ice storm, order of damage always happens left to right field lane then shadow
ON  Card - Paarthurnax2 years ago +1
can Paarthurnax give upgraded shouts or is it the first level only?
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ON  News - Balance Changes: Patch 1.65.22 years ago 0
So why is my echo of akatosh only worth 400 dust?



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