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endurance willpower Babinro's Spellsword Expert A.I Gem Farm
By: Roger Babin
intelligence willpower Babinro's Prophecy Mage Expert A.I Gem Farm
By: Roger Babin
strength agility Babinro's Archer Expert A.I Gem Farm
By: Roger Babin
endurance willpower Babinro's Token Expert A.I Gem Farm
By: Roger Babin
strength endurance Babinro's Wolf Warrior Expert A.I Gem Farm
By: Roger Babin

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ON  Deck - Rank 1 Legend - August 2017 Battle Mage 2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +4
Legend Rank is completely different from normal ranks because I've gone 0 wins and 7 losses with this deck so far at rank 5. I've made legend before so while some of this is attributed to lack of skill I think a larger part of it is that this deck is just bad at worse ranks. I was heavily blocked in both lanes and while I could frequently get the enemy to 10 health I could never close the deal.

The fact that nearly every player is running prophecy heavy decks means that this deck is punished early and often in addition to whatever removal/guard the player plays on their turn.

Kudos to the creator for making this work so successfully but after so many losses I'll move on to something else.
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ON  Deck - Old Salty's Centurion1 month ago +2
Thumbs Up! Fun deck.
I made a few adjustments personally but your base deck worked fine as well.
-1 Cadwell (don't own it)
-3 Ghost Fanatic
-1 Haskill (don't own it)
-1 Knife to the Throat
-1 Barbas
+2 Dwarven Armaments
+3 Stronghold Eradicator
+2 Wilds Incarnate

3x Drawven Armaments is fantastic with all the small creatures in this build. The other changes are more about preference for now. Admittedly I'm not commited on removing Ghost Fanatic as they can truly shine at times. The answer might be to go 1 Wilds, 2 Eradicators (or vice versa) and keep Fanatics.
ON  Deck - Aggro AI Archer2 years ago 0
Great deck!

I replace Ungolim because you rarely get his assassin's in such a fast deck. I also replace Garnag because he's just a vanilla body as games rarely go to turn 8.

In my case I added a 3rd Shield breaker and a 3rd Steel Scimitar in their place.



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