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ON  Thread - Is Pure Intelligence deck viable?2 years ago 0
I think mono blue is viable as long as you stay careful and churn out that card advantage. Baron of tear, ice storm etc. Throw in some some big drops for late (Conjuration Tutor, Scholar, Supreme atro) and its a vary nice deck.
ON  Deck - TurquoiseLink's Dragon Ramp Scout: 7/10 stream2 years ago 0
I'd say against most matchups its plays more like a mid range, but in the mirror ( which happens a lot) its more control.
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Conjuration Tutor2 years ago 0
Hi there! I'm MoonlitDagger a casual player of ESL. Being the dirty casual that I am I've played around with some bad (but enjoyable) budget decks, like Dwemer Rihads, Vampire scout, and pure Intelligence. As I was going online and trying to rank up one day (Rank 9) I noticed that the ranked season had ended and I had gotten a season reward for 1x Conjuration Tutor. Now Atronachs are my favorite archetype in the game, (mostly) because of the cool looking artwork and (partly) straightforward design. So naturally I decided to test out Tutor in my pure Atronach deck.

Needless to say, the first few games were rough, even playing in casual; I lost in the first few turns or I never saw Tutor and still lost. But I wouldn't give up! I needed to see the glory of Atronachs on both sides of the field (sorry Supreme Atromancer, you do cool things too). So I built another deck revolving around getting conjuration tutor to combo. Again the first few games were rough, but in one of them I finally did it. Tutor in the shadow lane and no removal from my opponent. My next turn I played Conjuration Scholar and I had two 5/5 Frost Atronachs. Success! (still managed to lose the game). At that moment I new I had a new favorite card (until I actually played the Lava Atronach :D).

And so I've continued to test out Tutor after that and realized that I almost didn't need to run a pure atronach deck (although why not?). I had realized the beauty that is... Lava Atronach. Conjuration Tutor creates his own combo potential at x3 per summon. If you just factor in good timing, a wee bit of defense for Tutor, and a healthy dose of amazing RNG, you get a field like no other.



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