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Red-Eyes Redoran Dragons (75% win rate so far)
By: TimesAreHard
Tempo Covenant MoE
By: TimesAreHard

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ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire4 months ago +2
What do you think of adding in Tullius? He has pretty good synergy with Clivia.
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ON  Deck - (Legend) Mind Control2 weeks ago +2
Really love the deck! I've been trying to make one like this but in tribunal colors and never had much luck because of inconsistency with 75 cards and this theme. I dropped windkeep for Shadowfoot because it fit the theme more, and using shadow foot to avoid prophecy card plays is great, been having a lot of good steals with them using their cards to finish them off.
ON  Deck - Updated Legend Sprint to Revenge3 months ago +2
I'm finding this deck is a little too heavy on the 3 drops and is lacking a lot of really early game play. If you don't have the ring, waiting until turn 3 to play something makes this deck take a big hit on its pressure building because most other decks will have played something before you. By the time you can really start pressuring you're already into mid game and your opponent will start having more answers available to them for your threats further reducing your pressure.
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ON  Deck - Virulent Slayer3 months ago +1
Just curious as to why you excluded rage from this deck? I know it takes a lot of ramp in order to use the blood magic/night talon rage combo but still, the possible value from that combo is unreal and game changing. Just wondering about your thought process involved in keeping it out.
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ON  Deck - Skelsorc 2.02 months ago +1
How do you feel about running wake the dead in this deck? gives you a potential searcher if you find it lacks consistency.



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