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ON  Deck - [#2 Legend] Ramp Scout10 months ago +1
if you are having a hard time, try add the 3 drain vitality shouts. As to what to take out? I'd say sanctuary pet. but then that leaves you more susceptible to crusader beats.
ON  Deck - [#2 Legend] Ramp Scout10 months ago Edited 10 months ago   +1
@Weipeng Yang

No, I do not like Alduin. Way too slow in my experience.
But the point is to get to the late game sooner than later. This helps extraordinarily at doing just that. a 1/1 guard that ramps. Forces them to attack into it or use a removal spell to continue.

I just find it is super useful to t3 tree minder into t4 leaflurker for the continued board presence + removal to slow the aggro beats. Do you feel this is not the current meta? or do you feel tree minder is never worth the 3rd copy?
ON  Deck - Midrange Dragon Monk9 months ago +3
Hey man, I love the build. Was designing a similar build the other day. I wanted it to have a little more late game though and I also feel serpetine stalker is very weak.

since you are focusing so heavily on lifegain, have you tested soultest mashal

also, i seriously think you can still run tazkad the packmaster in this midrange build.
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ON  Deck - Volendrung's Revenge9 months ago +1
@matt. oh wow. i guess i didn't see those games then. everytime i saw you cast it, it was a 3/3 for 5, lol plus the times you did get items they were irrelevant. but i didnt watch the entire stream
ON  Deck - [#2 Legend] Ramp Scout10 months ago 0
Can you please explain why you went down 1 tree minder? i actually had an identical deck already except i have the 3rd tree minder and only 2 skeletal dragons. what are your thoughts on this?
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