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ON  Deck - Budget Prophecy Battlemage (Up To Date)2 years ago +1
This deck works like a charm. Burned through most of the DB storyline with it, except for some "special" stages (damn that pig lol). I now grind out the daily Expert sg farming with it in under 1.5hrs. Best budget Prophecy BM I've ran so far!
ON  Article - VS Arena beginner's guide2 years ago +4
Good guide, gonna try my hand at the Arena again!
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #131 year ago +2
Effectively an Ice Storm against token decks for 3 magicka? Sign me up! I think it should be more than a common though.
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ON  Deck - For gods only1 year ago +4
Perhaps if I only play the deck ironically?
ON  Deck - For gods only1 year ago +2
I find it funny that in Dutch the word “ramp” means disaster



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