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endurance agility Scout Ramp (not dragon based)
By: pangolasaurus
endurance agility Scout Ramp
By: pangolasaurus
endurance intelligence Graveyard Sorc
By: pangolasaurus
endurance agility Scout Ramp in the August Meta
By: pangolasaurus
endurance agility I finally settled on a Scout Ramp I like
By: pangolasaurus

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ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs2 years ago +1
This doesn't seem like it's holding up too well in the current meta. What would you change around to fix that?

Or do you just think the current meta makes mid-range impossible?
ON  Deck - Value Curve Archer2 years ago 0
rofl... This wasn't a serious deck. here: I'll edit it to be how I think it actually should be. Check it around 6:00 EST
ON  Deck - Value Curve Archer2 years ago 0
There we go. I'd say these modifications make it a bit better.
ON  Deck - 1 year ago 0
Although I don't hate the deck, some choices seem a bit weird.

The one-of shadowfen and one-of dark garden hurt me deep inside.

Regardless - I think the fact that this deck isn't more powerful is the reason that scout ramp is such a thing. Spellsword has the single-creature removal. It should be the natural counter to scout ramp and a top deck in the meta. The problem is that it's so unbelievably bad.

The spine and undying dragon also seem a bit weird. It seems like a half-ramp half control deck that probably isn't great at either.

... That being said - spell sword is my favorite color combination. I played esper every chance I could in magic, and orzhov when the good lands were out of cycle.
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