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Probably you are doing something wrong, try to watch a VOD on twitch with the guy who made the deck playing it. He's frequently top 10 legend, that will help you a lot.
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Dutio wrote:
Vecejj wrote:
I'm struggling to go 50/50 w/l with this deck, everyone just runs prophecy decks which completely kill any momentum I seem to get. Am I just having really bad luck hitting into multiple prophecies in every. single. game...?
omar host wrote:
sorry but this deck is not working unless you get the perdect curve ( 0-3 / 2-3 / 4-3) in the rumble.
Being totally honest, don't buy what the deck creator shows on his streams. Reality is WAY different and this deck DOESN'T have a high percentage of victory, much less at high ranks. Not even near to it. Expecially with twitch drops, nowadays every dog has this deck / a ramp deck appropriate to wreck you.
Only exception is meet a guy with very bad luck on HIS opening and you get a perfect opening. In that case you can even win after 4 turns. No joke, 4.
Don't count on it, that perfect opening is once in a full moon.
Most of the times you will meet opponents with your same / slightly modified deck: the one going 2nd with a proper opening wins, period.
Let's not mention ramp decks. By the time the opening is not perfect/ideal and he reach turn 10 or 11 feel free to concede, you're not gonna win against a proper ramp deck ever.
And yes, the bs of those prophecy cards. By the time the opponent gets prophecies on 2-3 runes (happens always to the opponent, never to you, fancy huh?) you are gonna lose, period.
Being simpler every single deck with 1 to 3 cards having multiple of them at opening is gonna win. Only thing the opponent has to do is keep attacking you. The goal of this deck is overpush with constant attacks, you cannot be bothered dealing with any opponent card. The more you deal with them the slower you will be reaching the goal of this deck , which is burst. Even a newbie can beat this deck easily with a newbie deck, he just need to attack you ignoring your cards. A couple guards and items and bam, you lost already at turn 6.
This deck nowadays is far miles from any 12 to Legend rank-up as the deck creator shows on his stream. He's just EXTREMELY lucky to meet the worst possible dumbs. It's a super fun extremely fast deck, yes. The typical newbie/ rank 12 to 7 guy will probably lose against you if you play at middle of the month.

Funny that the guy who did this deck is frequently top 10 legend with this (:
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IMO it is REALLY important, in my version I use 3 copies, but sometimes when you are close to lethal you just want to draw damage, so 2 copies are ok. If you have the ring and summon it on turn 2, you have a 3/4 body and a awesome effect, it helps me A LOT against mid and controls decks that uses cheap spells do clean the board. Can you imagine pay 2 mana for a curse or 3 mana for a FireItbolt ? Cultist give to you a tempo that no other card gives, and in a Aggro match a 3/4 body is not so bad.
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Started to play this game 3 days ago and I'm rank 5 right now if this deck (had experience with TCG before).

If you new/low budget as me, there's my changes:

3x Relentless Raider (3600 gems) - 3x Fiery Imp (150 gems)
It's a obvious change, the Raider effect is better but its impossible have 3 of it if you are starting to play.

3x Underworld Vigilante - Battlefield Scrounger (300 gems)
If you dont have 20 bucks to spend on DB, you have an option with the same cost and 1 less atk. If you use for tempo you have a good combo with the new item + Nord Firebrand.

Sentinel Battlemace - Orcish Warhammer
I have one Sentinal Battlemace and I see the difference that Ward makes, I tried the Heavy Battleaxe but the Orcish Warhammer Breakthrough can help to direct damage or make a good trade to have more hits with the other creatures. If you dont have the Battlemace and want to focus on direct damage I think the best change is for Steel Sword. You have 1 damage less than Sentinel Battlemace/Heavy Battleaxe but for 2 mana less, you have light mana combos. So, in my Opnion:
Sentinel Battlemace *****
Orcish Warhamme ****
Steel Sword ***
Heavy Battleaxe***

Earthbone Spinner (800 gems) - Cast Out (200 gems)
This is a hard one, Earthbone Spinner is a excellent you should have 2 of it but cast out can help you with tempo aswell.

It's IMPOSSIBLE change Withered Hand Cultist.

One tech change that I made was one Rampaging Minotaur or Sentinel Battlemace for a third Withered Hand Cultist. It helped a lot with controls decks, but in turn 5 or 6 you only wish to topdeck something that make instant damage, so that's up to you.

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The idea is push damage, 4 cost 2 atk charge doesnt have a great value
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