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Love all things ES's. I've played Oblivion, Skyrim, and just recently came across ESL. ESL is by far my favorite strategy card game to date, with the mix of lore and a great community following.
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endurance agility CVH's Budget-ify: Ramp Scout
By: jsmith9991
strength endurance CVH's Orc Warrior
By: jsmith9991
intelligence willpower CVH's Budget-ify: Token Mage
By: jsmith9991
strength agility CVH Budget-ify: Midrange Archer
By: jsmith9991
willpower strength CVH's Budget-ify: Aggro/Token Crusader
By: jsmith9991

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ON  Deck - CVH Budget-ify: Midrange Archer1 year ago 0
No problem! Thanks for commenting! I'd highly recommend checking out CVH's channel. He has decks suited to all players, experienced and still learning. I"m with the later. :)
ON  Deck - CVH's Budget-ify: Ramp Scout1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
Are you sure? Check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9dRR-ozXs0&list=PLEz9c7rh5NimoW8j7pr6JQ951_8R6GNhf&index=5.

Btw, before you go speaking your mind, go check to make sure it's factual.
ON  News - Balance Changes: Patch 2.56 months ago -1
I agree. Most decks that play Conscription are already running some form of ramp which will completely negate the change in magicka cost. Telvanni Conscription is the worst offender and they usually play the card by turn 9 or 10 anyways, even with its original cost of 11.


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