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agility willpower OTK Combo Monk
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strength intelligence Dragonmage
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agility willpower Drain monk
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Hey man,

I like this deck a lot. I can still remember the first 20 runs with only 4 losses. But I'm still stuck in rank 4. Going from top to bottom, bottom to top.

I did make a change now. I added a mundus stone. And I must say it helps. The bigger drops getting charge or drain help. Getting rally helps. And not to forget, you summon a lot more creatures then a normal deck, so it gets it value a lot. Also, I have a journey to sovnegard also, because I don't have dawnbreaker.

I still lose to battle-mages who are faster, warrior is hard too but manageable. Controls can sometime be an issue when you don't draw enough cards, but it's rare.
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Tried it, doesn't work for me. It's much too slow for aggro, And when your opponent is a slower ctrl player you don't pull Bone Colossus or Vastarie and he kills of everything with removals or has huge guards.

I do believe it was good in ladder at release tough.
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Vloblo wrote:
Both of these are acampbell11's alts by the way. Just check their active time. Last active times literally correspond to my post's downvotes.

acampbell, how pathetic do you have to be to use 3-5 accounts to login? Downvote, make a post propping up your own fragile ego, then logout?

At least learn how to alt correctly on the internet.

Haters gonna hatehttps://media.makeameme.org/created/haters-gonna-hate-dd36l6.jpg
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The motivation for changing indoril mastermind is just plain stupid. First of all it was a balance card, now it's crap. It's a staple, so it's OBVIOUS he will be correlating in all endurance control decks. Why don't they nerf all staples then? Secondly, by doing this Altar en Telvanni are still best for control and since they depend on 73 other card they won't feel it so hard than the 50cards control decks. Nerfing the slay + the mastermind is double nerf for Necro-slay decks in one patch.
You made some changes?

I'm not such a fan anymore. I got from rank 5 to the top of rank 4. Just could not finish the last match of it, time and time again. Now I can't get out of serpent of rank 4... 40+ games...

Seems to me like haunted manor is the VIP card here. If I don't have that out, I'm likely to loose. Also the draw cards like Jarl and Crussador assault. If you play mirror, manor is the factor to win.

Cards I changed was a Skar Drillmaster, Vivec and Journey to Sovnegard because I was missing 3 cards.
Skar (to pull more cards), Vivec, since that seems to be a factor on it's own on loosing a game. It's my number one most annoying card in this expansion. Seriously, they pull that out and it's instant loose if you can't silence it with the sharpshooter.

I will try out your adjustments tough...
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