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endurance agility Aggro Scout - sounds weird, right?
By: OneNaturalOne

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ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin7 months ago +3
Since you have so many 0 cost in deck, I put them back to try to get Lil or Swindler's market. Don't play spoils of war until you can empower it down to 0 if possible also. You want as much card draw as possible in hand until you get Lil. so recruit, ice spike, and shadow marking are good to start with also. minor damage drawback to playing ice spike before Lil, but it could be what draws Lil also.
ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin8 months ago +1
Thuldir wrote:
I usually try to combo-kill control decks with an otk from hand (when you have enough follow-up, e.g. second hexmage and some draw, you can play out your first hexmage a bit earlier as well and try to kill them over the course of 2 turns.

EDIT: Hoping that your hexmage survives and spending a lot of magicka and slots in your deck to put more hexmages into your hand doesn't sound like the most reliable strategy to me.

yep, it did not work as planned. replaced doppelganger with some lower cost cards and it's working much better now. Finding success with murwater guide to double the 0 card draw, plus it's a 3 cost 4/2 so it provides early damage which limits the amount you need from Lil/Market combo
ON  Deck - Masters Series Burn Assassin8 months ago +2
Heavily dependent upon Lilliandril and swindlers market. Hold actions until you can pair them with Lill, unless you need to use them to draw cards. Hold Debilitate until you have swindlers market in play as that will trigger empower when you play 0-cost cards.
ON  Deck - Masters Series Burn Assassin8 months ago 0
just faced a variation of this. Still works...
ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin8 months ago 0
I added 2 doppelgangers to boost Lil. Brilliant experiment could be nice also, but you need to survive long enough to use it with Lil.



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