ON  Card - Devious Bandit3 weeks ago +1
nebranger wrote:
She's a lot more than just that.

Consider the possibility of playing her in Empire with Elsweyr Lookout and Quin'rawl Burglar.

Play those two first, then play Devious Bandit. She automatically pilfers and becomes either a...
  • 10/10 if multiplication happens first and three of the same card don't add together,
  • 14/14 if addition happens first and three of the same card don't add together,
  • 80/80 if multiplication happens first and three of the same card add together, or
  • 120/120 if addition happens first and three of the same card add together.


This card is nuts.

I don't really see where yours disagrees from mine. All you said are "the Pilfer benefits" in my comment.

And, "Play those two first, then play..." is why Pilfer generally sucks as a mechanic. There's a reason why Quin'rawl Burglar sees basically no play in high ladder.

ON  Deck - MOE TheoryCraft - Atromancer Reanimator3 weeks ago +3
Digging elephants is one of my passions in this game, and I'm glad to see someone share it!

I tried different styles for Atromacer reanimation before (mainly Telvanni and Tribunal). I really think the sweet spot for it is before turn 10, in a midrange style deck that aims to kill your opponent rather quickly. It requires setup (discard atro -> buff necro -> play necro) but the new expansion provides a lot more tools for it (Discerning Thief, Moontouched Guardian, both you have included) as long as you can draw Necro in time. While in control deck it's easier and more consistent to pull Atro, it's also weaker and can be directly countered by Piercing Twilight.

ON  Card - Goutfang Adept3 weeks ago 0
I think this can go into control decks now that Namira's Shrine is nerfed. Obvious synergy with Odirniran Necromancer.
ON  Card - Wily Kee'va3 weeks ago Edited 3 weeks ago   0
Now you have to double think about running vanilla 2 cost 2/3s like Almalexia's Disciple or Skooma Underboss because we officially have a 2/4 now.
ON  Card - Shrewd Strategist3 weeks ago Edited 3 weeks ago   +1
The rating is terrible right now, but I rate this quite high. It has a good body, and can help you dodge Piercing Twilight while buffing all your Odirniran Necromancer. Also pretty obvious synergy with Baandari Opportunist. The problem with this card is that its effect takes time to be relevant, like Gray Viper Brigand, so theoretically better in 50. We might not be able to see a viable control Consume deck, but isn't Consume designed to be help your long game? Looking forward to how this will play out.
ON  Card - Slinking Jackal3 weeks ago +2
We entered an era where vanilla 2 cost 3/2 or 2/3 is no longer playable. That being said, probably only Animal decks will run this.
ON  Card - Seeker of the Black Arts3 weeks ago +2
So this is the ultimate enabler for Consume decks.
ON  Card - Khajiiti Warhelm3 weeks ago 0
Straight into any Pilfer deck that runs blue, or to help with Empower shenanigans.
ON  Card - Imbued Breton3 weeks ago +1
5 cost 4/4 ward is playable on its own right?
ON  Card - Fear Totem3 weeks ago +2
Aside from this being used in prophecy Battlemage, I'm hoping to see some stupid combo with Wispmother.