ON  Deck - Theorycraft - Mid Dominion5 days ago +1
A deck with decent power level and a cool theme. Very well done.

I tested many games on high legends (top #30). It has ability to play from behind, and resource is not a issue if you can draw your extension. Leafwater Blessing is really strong in midrange mirror grind games. And the synergy with Gambler is quite insane.

I managed to fit in Cloudrest Illusionist and Protector of the Mane, the latter of which I always wanted to play with, and have hopefully found its place in this deck.
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ON  Card - Soul Shred1 week ago +1
The announcement of fatigue decks started here.
ON  Deck - Clown Fiesta Control Tribunal5 months ago +1
Few questions I have:
1. The deck does not run Camel, meaning it's more tempo heavy. But wouldn't it run out of steam pretty soon against other control decks if you couldn't find Mastermind? Prophecy creatures are generally weak especially against control.
2. Galyn works well with Prophecy, and is a win con on its own with Necromancer. Why is it not included?
3. In your experience, when do you usually start taking field lane and go face with this deck?
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ON  News - Frostfall Collection: New card revealed #26 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +10
Imagine this last gasp effect on Odahviing monkaS
ON  Deck - Anti-Ox Monk6 months ago +1
This deck is supposed to be sarcastic XD. Not an actual deck.
ON  Card - Stand Watch7 months ago 0
That being said, I wonder making it 1 mana cost would make it playable. It's not a bad effect and some creatures are much better with guard keyword like Hollowed Deathpriest.
ON  Deck - Gourmet Uprising8 months ago +1
Very fun concept. I'm going to try it later. But I think you forgot including Ayrenn.
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ON  Deck - Midrange Exalt Tribunal8 months ago 0
If you want roleplay, go ahead and play Poetic Amiger, even tho he's straight power creeped by Barrow Stalker, flavor is always great. We've been making quite some suboptimal choice with this deck, so one more couldn't hurt.

I prefer Dragontail Savior over Ald Velothi Assassin. But both are decent replacement. If you're finding yourself struggling against aggro without Barrow Stalker, you could play firebolts instead.
ON  Deck - Volkihar Fledgling (Vampire Roleplay)10 months ago 0
Not really. Each effect of the Experimental Scroll is great but the RNG killed it. If it can be chosen then it'll be really strong.
ON  Deck - (5 power) Aggro Hlaalu11 months ago +1
love ash oppressor
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