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ON  Deck - Arkham's Rage Warrior5 months ago +1
Best deck I ever play and so fun to play !
17W/4L by now (lost my 2 first games and 2 very bad starting hand against aggro deck).

I've never seen so many rage quit in this :)
ON  Deck - ~~ LEGEND ~~ INSANE CRUSADER #budget #midggro1 year ago +4
It's a troll deck ...
I guess it won't work no more VS warded creatures because you will deal 0 damage, just remove the ward. 0 + 0 = 0 :)

It's exactly the same behaviour when you drain warded creatures, you gain no health.
ON  Deck - Pilfer Aggro Monk6 days ago +2
Don't think it's a good choice:
- not good in hand because you can't play it until turn 5 (4 with ring)
- not so good when on board because no summon effect, no charge and pilfer effect will affect khajit in your deck so ideally, you put Khamira turn 4, you pilfer turn 5, you draw and put khajit on board turn 7, it attacks turn 8 => game is already done

ON  News - Balance Changes for Patch 2.83 months ago +1
A 3/1 without chossing for 2 magicka is an Abecean Navigator without any condition. Maybe a little bit strong.
A 2/2 with choosing for 4 magicka seems legit



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