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Necromancer`s Amulet Telvanni (75-90% WR)
By: MaddyTwiggy
agility willpower Legend Control Monk (winstreak screenshot)
By: MaddyTwiggy

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ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.46 months ago +2
I do not think that players will litter their deck with cards like Elixir of Deflection. Now TVMagister will be like Dagerfall Mage together with Wardcrafter - only one use, if you're lucky - two...
ON  News - New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness6 months ago +1
already 4k ;)
ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.46 months ago +2
Upvoted your comment. Haunted Manor, next turn Oathman then every turn some guy have +2/2 - GG... intresting game for half-brain dude`s. Need to nerf dat Oathman.
Play sometime for control hlaalu, Vadem is so slim, buff 4/5 is good, but nvm, all still play for aggro Hlaalu without him.
ON  News - The Frostfall Collection3 months ago +1
I think it`s ok. I want to play in control-meta. So btw likely ANY control-deck new card`s
ON  News - Houses of Morrowind is out!10 months ago +1
Yeah, the most intresting and better then all addons. GJ!
p.s. stop to play 2colors aggro deck`s guyz, try to some new :S



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