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ON  Deck - Soulrest Monk - Legend #27 Mar4 months ago +3
Monk has been my favorite since I started playing around 2 years ago. Used to rock a Namira deck before drain vitality and mantikora were nerfed, then a master of thieves deck with the curse package. Seeing skulk get nerfed was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced in this game. I must say that this is the most satisfying deck I’ve played since.

I netdecked it the first day it was posted and checked back regularly because it was appreciatively updated. I’ve used the backbone of it climb from 9 to currently 4. Excited to use it to push legend in April. Changes I’ve made to suit my play style:

Added a third shadow shift and Bruma. Took out cutpurse.

Don’t run Brotherhood slayer, instead left in third Eastmarch and cut down to 50.

Kept third Javelin instead of Vivec

Kept Thadon and cut Giant snake

And lastly swapped Scalon with Miraak

Sorry for the long post, it is my first on this site after all, but just wanted to express my appreciation for the deck. Makes me feel like monk has a fighting chance again.

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ON  Deck - Soulrest Monk - Legend #27 Mar4 months ago +1
Yeah as soon as I started climbing rank 4, I ran into a lot of the problems listed below. So I switched to the previous version, card for card, and started to get somewhere. Never been great at deck building, so I’m just going to trust the professionals from now on. Literally had giant snake squeeze out a win against an item BM that was going downhill fast.

I’m excited to give this final version a spin. I really like the inclusion of execute. It always felt like I was waiting for turn 7 to combo gourmet with Cloudrest. Excited to see if the new expansion will have anything to improve on the list. Thanks again!



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