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Description about me: Me is a humble japanese from japan. kek.
Don't forget to change your in-game avatar to Wood Elf Before Lvl 24,
so you will get a better Legendary card (Wood elf is a race which has most of "AAA" Legendary cards ).

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strength agility Budget_Charge_Pillfer_Quest
By: EiranKisotsu
strength intelligence Prophecy Rank9
By: EiranKisotsu

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ON  Card - Withered Hand Cultist1 year ago +4
Nice card for specific Daily Quest like "Reduce the cost of 10 cards".
When this guy die, All action cards in your (and your opponent's) hand are set back to Regular cost.
This process is counted for the quest ,Because it does reduce the cost of action cards.
ON  Deck - Dark Brothehood: How to easy grab the Legend1 year ago +2
i think
this deck need "Goblin Skulk" who have pilfer:draw 0-cost card.
Because this deck has 6 of 0-mana cards.
if He pilfer and you draw some 0-cost card from your deck,
it means he extract 0-cost cards and compress your deck for Late game.
and He can be a good decoy as 2 mana,
Let your opponent waste their "removal and silence" cards Early game.

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ON  Card - Barded Guar1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Reminder: This creature is Neutral and can give "Guard" on an enemy creature.
it will instantly remove its "Cover".
So, you can surprise attack and score a kill without using Action card.
(Though, if it is green deck, you can use
"Back-Alley Rogue" 4 mana 5/3 :Steal a cover from another creature).
ON  Card - Crusader's Assault1 year ago +1
Why ? it says "Slay and Pilfer: ~"

it should be "Slay or Pilfer: ~".
ON  Card - Dragon Mound1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Best card for questing "Reduce the cost of some cards".



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