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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY: Last 26 cards revealed1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
It is said that Reflective Automaton has "all creature types". I assume type is the creature race (orc, elf, and so on...) In this case, would it receive +4/+4 while playing Shadowgreen Elder, as it is considered a Spriggan as well as an Animal?

Regarding Aldora the Daring, what is Skywag?
ON  News - New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness8 months ago +1
Well, I am not surprised it comes so late. It took them 5 months to release the Return to Clockwork City story set after the release of Heroes of Skyrim expansion set. It is kind of the same here. My guess is that the pattern is the following : Expansion Set, then 5 months after, Story package, then 2 months after, Promotionnal Set, and 2 months after, beginning of a new cycle starting with a new Expansion Set. The pattern will be verified if we get a Promotionnal Set in November/December 2018, and a new Expansion Set in January/February 2019.

I am kind of happy with this calendar: as a F2P player, it does not take me a lot of effort to gather the required gold to buy new contents on time.
ON  News - HOUSES OF MORROWIND: CARD REVEAL #101 year ago +1
I have the feeling this expansion will radically change the game. Not sure yet how much obsolete will become cards from previous sets... But the new cards are definitely more powerful.
ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #24 months ago +5
I wonder what will happen if you Cast into time one of the twofer card. Will it banish the copies of the card inside the twofers in your opponent's deck? Will it have no effect on them? Or will it bannish the whole twofler?
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ON  News - Alliance War: Card Reveal #11 month ago +3
On the introduction video, mobilize has been presented as an item key-word. Items with this key-word might be played on a creature, or on the ground; on the second case, a 1/1 recruit is summoned and equips the item.



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