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endurance intelligence can i get help with an atronatch deck?
By: wolfhunter135

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ON  Deck - can i get help with an atronatch deck?1 year ago +1
thanks for the help
ON  Deck - can i get help with an atronatch deck?1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
i upgraded to the hero version and i don't have the soul gems for the sentinell, when it comes to 3 cost, i have three copies of barded guar, tree minder and crushing blow, i only have 1-2 copies of other 3 cost or the card is not meant for this deck.

i guess tree minder for the ability or guar for the versitility?

*edit tree minder seems to work fine but i have not tried guar yet
ON  Card - Desperate Conjuring1 year ago 0
should be noted that this is the only way that i know how to summon ancient giant(the cost, atk, and def will be two more then the cost of the creature you sacrificed) (don't think you can find that card on this site)
ON  Card - Genius Pathmage1 year ago 0
if you have 13 magica will it summon a 12 cost or nothing at all?

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ON  Card - Saint Jiub1 year ago 0
cool effect



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