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agility willpower Dancing Goblins
By: Arkar47
Wipe and TC
By: Arkar47
endurance intelligence Wards Wreck Meta
By: Arkar47
willpower strength Prophecy Orcs
By: Arkar47
strength agility Market Archer
By: Arkar47

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ON  Deck - [Legend] Shout Scout - The winning Bat Army1 year ago +2
Have you considered adding a couple of A night to remember?
ON  Deck - [Warpmeta #49 1st place] Fervor Control Tribunal7 months ago +4
Any thoughts on Rayvat / Tavyar?
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ON  Deck - Unite the houses Top 2002 months ago +1
Gardener's harvest is a dead card in hand until the combo, if you draw it too early it will kill you.
The combo should be played from hand most of the time,
Apothecary cost too much to be useful for cycling and a 2/2 wont do against aggro decks, which are the hardest matchup.
I've considered items but in my experience the combo is always played from hand vs control via Guildsworn, Fortress Guard and a 3-cost or less agility card. If the game goes long you should outdraw them. Vs aggro there are better options for board control.

I'll probably give them a shot with the Shrine nerf.

ON  Deck - [75+% WR] Ramp Spellsword - by Furo1 year ago 0
Is it fast enough to hold aggro crusaders?
ON  Deck - Tullius Factotum Rage1 year ago 0
Ty, added 3 snake tooths and removed a consc, feels more consistent now.



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