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Played tons of MMDoC prior to this game.
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endurance willpower [Noble]21-2 Mid Spellsword
By: Vengyr
agility intelligence [Theory] Sovngarde Altar Wisp Prophecy Cntrl Assa
By: Vengyr
intelligence willpower [Theory] ENDLESS VALUE Clickbait mage
By: Vengyr
intelligence willpower [Legend] Alchemist
By: Vengyr
strength endurance Doomcrag Warrior
By: Vengyr

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ON  Deck - [Noble]21-2 Mid Spellsword1 year ago +3
That backfired a bit ;)
I haven't ever considered Stonetooths, 1 damage does not matter because you play like control deck, lethal seemed much better (aside from some random silences).
Gratz with your run!
ON  Thread - Prophecy bullshit2 years ago +1
Prophecy is no more than topdeck+instants. Not only they keep the game slower, they also make for some interesting strategic decisions. Should I go with my Odahviing first so that it hits for sure, or Lighting bolt so that I break 1 less rune? There are lots of these small decisions which separate bad and good players, for example to play against bolts you need to break runes with squishy creatures first and fat after. Nothing hard, eh? But many players fall for these mistakes.
mrhavko wrote:
Yes, Its still in beta, so lets see where this game goes... a little nerf to prophecies would be nice but so far lucky poeple have big advantage. I mean... I had this game with mage control, it was late game and i had full control of a board, enemy 0 cards but only I had only 4 health. He already used 2 lighting bolts, so 1 was left, I was preparing my cards to kill opponent in one turn. Enemy had 36 cards in deck, I was going to kill him, breaking the rune, BUM prophecy last lighting bolt GG GAME OVER, PRO CALCULATED PLAY ... hahaha :D sometimes the game is a joke.
Think of prophecy in that game as more carddraw, If he would have killed you with that lighting bolt the turn before, you could blame the topdeck as much as you do prophecy now. He drawn those cards at your turn, that's the actual difference.
ON  Deck - Unique Spellsword + (introduction) Guide2 years ago +2
How does it actually work with only 4 support slots available? (what a bad change...)
Feels like often you'll be in the situation where many of supports are dead draws.
ON  Deck - Top 100 legend support heal mage1 year ago +1
Thanks for Ebonheart Oracle idea, this card is fantastic here, never thought about it before. Made some changes, added Knight of the Hour to combat aggro, great to get it from rune break, but also great to play with Ebonheart in play. Also I think Sovngarde is needed, otherwise you might run out of steam versus tri-color decks.
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ON  Deck - Bat Flesh/Leviathan Ring OTK (Ranks 9 to 2)1 year ago +1
Pure-Blood Elders never work for me. Dead draw versus aggro, not good enough versus control and control is a good matchup anyway. Getting to 18 mana is insanely hard without this card surviving for a turn, and good luck keeping it alive.

Replaced them with Lightning Bolts for more early game presence.



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