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strength endurance The Deep Roads - Climbing to legend with Dwemer
By: Djihadmallah
strength agility Rage against the Machine
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ON  Deck - The Deep Roads - Climbing to legend with Dwemer11 months ago Edited 11 months ago   +1
Thank you. :) This version carried me through the Thief into Legend rank. Performed ok in the few matches, I tried before the downtime. It actually beat #33 on the way. But that might have been sheer luck of course.
ON  Deck - Rage against the Machine7 months ago 0
Good idea. And thank you for the feedback. I am experimenting with 2s of Lurcher, Racer and Rage in exchange for three rapid shots. That got me to Rank 1 (Thief) today. Good luck on the ladder!
ON  Deck - Rage against the Machine7 months ago 0
I made the same experience. :) Punisher synergizes great as well. If I remember correctly, the first draft had only two "Strikes" as finishers, but after a few matches I realized, it´s power level in this deck was just to high, to ignore.
ON  Deck - Rage against the Machine7 months ago 0
The deck beat immortalaugust today (he was #31 at that time). May have been a luckshot, but it´s proof of concept. :)
ON  Deck - Don´t ... push ... the Red ... Mountain7 months ago 0
Thank you for your feedback. :)

It is definitely more of a fun and theme deck. And I think the Vigilant Giant and Nahkriin will have to make place for Underworld Vigilantes. Together with the Temple Conjurer this should work as a gapfiller in mid. 1 Drops are not part of my Dwemer Core, although they might be working here. The deck usually tries to be aggro with the option to finish the opponent with rage or red year Combos, if he manages to stabilize. For Ladder I would definitely advise to go for the DARA deck (Rage against...). it is way more efficient.



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