ON  News - Alliance War: Card Reveal #34 months ago Edited 4 months ago   +1
Battlereeve has way too much going for it to be a 3 drop. Should at least cost 4 or dish out less damage

Edit: Or making it a unique
ON  Card - Doomfang Ally5 months ago +1
It's pretty much the weakest of all the Allies, only thing it has going for it is that it's effect will almost always trigger and it can be used in any deck.
It's red, purple and green effects are watered down versions of the colors respective ally cards and a Firebolt is more versatile than a ward. Resolute Ally is the only one I can really say that it might be better than in general use.
It's a good card, but it's by no means OP. Just wish the text on it was properly aligned >.>
If it was always just +1/+1 or +2/+2 when you got a match then sure. But as it stands this card isn't worth using over other supports that just preform better. Too much of a trade off even in mono type decks where you're more likely to get a match. But it is nice to see a boosting support that any class can use.
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #136 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +1
I really like the look of Doomfang Ally, I just hate that the text on the card doesn't line up. Makes it look ugly. Hopefully they change that before it's officially released
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #57 months ago 0
I'm in awe at the size of that lad. An absolute unit.
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #47 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +4
It's a removal card. It's like a less reliable piercing javelin that can probably activate things like last grasp, drain, breakthrough and maybe even slay effects. So the reason it isn't 0 is because it's a pretty powerful card with a lot of versatility that can be used on your own creature and the opponents creatures.
ON  News - DECEMBER 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Ashlander Punisher7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   0
I get that it's a reward, but this is a bit too strong for it's playing cost of a meer 4. At least it's lightning bolt fodder.
ON  News - Balance Changes: Patch 2.58 months ago Edited 8 months ago   -4
Tullius' Conscription going from 11 to 12 wont effect it at all. I was hoping that this team would understand that changing the cost of a card that's this strong by just 1 rarely makes an impact on it.

Also where's the Nerf to Torval Extortionist at? That thing shouldn't have been made as OP as it is and it shouldn't stay that way
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ON  News - FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #89 months ago +4
Dude. The card literally has a yellow gem on the bottom of it and you wanna tell me it isn't a legendary card?
ON  News - FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #89 months ago Edited 9 months ago   +1
It's kinda just a worse Triumphant Jarl , costs less to play and with him you just have to worry about having more health which is easier to do than keeping your runes intact. Pretty disappointing for a legendary, the art is great though.

Edit: I didn't actually notice that it has guard the first time I saw it. I could see some actual use out of it now. Like Rellik up there says, definitely has a place in singleton and maybe even in my beloved support crusader.