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endurance agility Darkened Forest (Master) (+Immortal title)
By: Drakwind
willpower Dwemer Factorum
By: Drakwind
endurance intelligence Necromancy Sorcerer Deck
By: Drakwind
endurance agility Blood on the Waters
By: Drakwind
endurance agility Scout Shout Deck
By: Drakwind

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ON  News - FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #89 months ago +4
Dude. The card literally has a yellow gem on the bottom of it and you wanna tell me it isn't a legendary card?
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #47 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +4
It's a removal card. It's like a less reliable piercing javelin that can probably activate things like last grasp, drain, breakthrough and maybe even slay effects. So the reason it isn't 0 is because it's a pretty powerful card with a lot of versatility that can be used on your own creature and the opponents creatures.
ON  News - New version of Legends coming Tuesday, September 2511 months ago Edited 10 months ago   +2
Maybe they'll finally fix the start up error. Sick and tried of that one.

Edit: Yup, startup error seems to be gone and I even got every sign in bonus despite not signing in for the last 3 weeks. So the update is okay in my book even if I don't like how it looks.
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ON  News - MAY 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: BLACKWOOD DISTILLER1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Been playing Yellow/Red since I started almost a year ago and always got my shit kicked in. Y/R isn't inherently good. I Adapted and built the deck around supports, guards and lots of drawing potential. I adapted it to suit both my play-style and the meta itself. I got good at making decks to overcome the current meta's problems. You too, can get good. So get good.
ON  News - FORGOTTEN HERO COLLECTION: New card revealed1 year ago +3
okidouki wrote:
support in discard pile,thats hard
"Or in play." So it's very doable.
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