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agility willpower Wolfgang Amadeus
By: Dreyfus.
strength endurance Doomcrag Meta Slave
By: Dreyfus.
strength intelligence Super Secret Meme
By: Dreyfus.
strength intelligence Master of Legs
By: Dreyfus.
Break Free From the Chains of Injustice!
By: Dreyfus.

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ON  Deck - Doomcrag Meta Slave1 year ago 0
I like using Grahtwood instead of rage because it keeps Doomcrag alive instead of wiping your side of the lane too.
The Wildfire works well in place of Rage as well because of the full board wipe as you mentioned, and the added slay benefits.
The win condition I like to use if I can is Journey into Tullius to spawn as many 6 6 Firebrands as possible and just hit face.
Try it out and let me know what you think!
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Solo Arena Rank Lowered?1 year ago 0
I'm pretty sure I was rank 1 in the solo arena before Houses of Morrowind (I have the premium adoring fan to show for it), but after the patch I have dropped to rank 4. Anyone else experience this? Could it be because of the arena changes implemented with this patch?
ON  Thread - Solo Arena Rank Lowered?1 year ago 0
Well, never mind, looks like it was explained here https://www.legends-decks.com/news/149/houses-of-morrowind-is-out
ON  Deck - Legend #222 April 9th, 2018 1 year ago 0
Could you explain your inclusion of Ambitious Hireling? As far as I can tell he only really works well with Fifth Legion Trainer and Divine Fervor. Am I missing something? Because with just that he seems like a bit of a dead card to me.
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ON  Deck - Unite the Houses Gimmick1 year ago 0
That's a good point, I forgot about that. Maybe I would replace Blackmail with that to rely less on your opponent



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