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strength agility [85% winrate, legend in 4 days] Anti-aggro archer
By: Artic_Soda
[LEGEND] Hlaalu Aggro
By: Artic_Soda
willpower strength [LEGEND] All-in Crusader
By: Artic_Soda
[Legend] How to defeat aggro and control decks
By: Artic_Soda
strength agility Archer to Legend - March
By: Artic_Soda

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you're not really looking for a threat on turn 1-2, or even later. That card is strong in aggro decks, but here it's not what the deck wants. Creatures have to be good both at controlling the board or playing aggro if needed, and Traitor just lacks the first part.
And honestly I wouldn't cut anything for them.
Hi man, congratulations for your result. I'd like to thank you for providing an alternative deck in this imho horrible meta, full of hlaalu, shouts and pretty much nothing more.
Don't think the list needs any change, but I'm trying 2 cast out and 1 vigilante with good success, having lost a couple games drawing the 2x 5 drops. Plus, an additional prophecy is always good to have in this meta.
Also, did you try Divine Fervor and/or Housecarls? Thanks again, best luck climbing!
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ON  Deck - [LEGEND] All-in Crusader9 months ago +1
Hi, I'd honestly go for rampaging minotaur since Charge is the most important ability for this deck. If you face many aggros and find the match-up hard you can go for Defenders too.
The deck is built this way to deal with a really specific meta. It's okay to lose some games to control if you can win 2 against aggro, but if you meet to many mages than just play Journey,



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