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Did you continue playing? How have you ended?
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Sometimes a deck is not so consistent in the higher ranks because there you will face decks that are too greedy, like they have 50% chance of winning because of the sinnergies of the cards. And in the legend rank, decks tend to be more "logical".
The real aggro will prevent the game to get to this late game stage. This is a really good card in a slay archer deck that is already a good deck. That's why building a deck to end the game at maximum the 7th round is better now than ever.
ON  News - DECEMBER 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Ashlander Punisher6 months ago +2
Valera Godable wrote:
Drakwind wrote:
I get that it's a reward, but this is a bit too strong for it's playing cost of a meer 4. At least it's lightning bolt fodder.
Simply one more stupid agro card, faster rushing in 5-6 turn. What we have now? 4 mana cost 5\4 and 5\5 ,+ 7\5 5 mana, and.. no one new control,wow. I think they should add legendary action, unique, destroy creature with betray and prophecy.It's legendary and only 1 in deck (may be more if with Terana, new way to use her,almost no one use her now) ,so VERY balanced,instead of this annoying agro.
Agro deck are successful because people are playing with ridiculously greedy deck. This card actually would make my agro deck less efficient. My most efficient deck has none of the new cards you described, 75-80% winning chance in legends ladder.
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How are you performing against some defensive types, like telvanis? It seems a deck that can win of any other, depending on the right shuffle. It seems greedy, with destructive winnings but not so consistent to stay very well positioned in the ladder.
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I have a little different version of the battlemage, I don't have Merric. I made a change in my deck that I think will bring great results, i wasn't using the harpy with prophecy and shackle. It's so useful.