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strength intelligence Farm Crystal - Win in 5 Turn
By: gingi
endurance willpower Imperial power
By: gingi

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Netlag666 wrote:
damn does any one have a working replacement or a similar app. It was really useful to import export decks etc. A real pain now. Or if there is an easier method to do this please advise :)
me too,its so powerful that program
ON  Deck - Farm Crystal - Win in 5 Turn7 months ago 0
That is more faster then a prophecy battlemage

ON  Deck - Farm Crystal - Win in 5 Turn7 months ago 0
It's only for farm crystal
ON  Deck - Farm Crystal - Win in 5 Turn6 months ago 0
Ashmore wrote:
Yes, he is currently working on a new version. I have no idea how much time it'll take. But this is not a fix or an update that was made to the Legends client, it's completely different so he basically has to start over. That's why it takes so much time.
Thank you for your patience :).
thanks to you
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