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ON  News - Balance Changes: Patch 2.56 months ago +7
I was hoping for a stronger nerf to Conscription, as a 1 mana nerf doesn't change much. Control decks are still awful, so all it does it make it so midrange decks have one more turn to kill Conscription decks. The Pathmage nerf ruins Unite decks, so now uniting from no board is not possible. Fantastic, my favorite deck is now gone.

On the other hand, I agree with the rest of the card changes. Skulk and Ash Berserker were very oppressive cards. Skulk required an answer immediately or the early game is immediately handed over to the opponent. Berserker was very broken in midrange decks, allowing insane card draw off of a well-stated creature.

I'm very glad they're buffing weak cards also. The exalt on some of these made them borderline unplayable, but now they actually might see some fringe use.
ON  Deck - Blackfall's Tribunal Control - April 20181 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Aggro is still destroying me pretty hard unless I get perfect draws, especially with beefy endurance creatures. I'm not sure if it's myself or the deck, but I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm also puzzled why you count Emperor's Blade as a healing card because out of 50+ games, I can only recall the effect triggering at all in 5 of them.
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ON  News - MOONS OF ELSWEYR - CARD REVEAL #21 week ago +2
LaGrosseBise wrote:
I like the fact that they just don't care anymore about balancing new and old cards and just powercreep the hell out of the old ones with the new ones. I mean ... the undead Khajiit is already a 3/3 for 2 just by playing it.

If power creep pisses you off this much, you should never play Hearthstone.
ON  Deck - Sweetroll OTK8 months ago +1
I've no idea why people think this bug is a problem. This combo is beyond impossible to pull off, not to mention having suffered enough damage to OTK your opponent. It's so bad that I think Unite the Houses is demonstrably better, and that deck isn't even good.
ON  News - Upcoming Expansion: Alliance War2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +1
Raccoonrider wrote:
I get your point very well here.

Initially the colors were created to have distinct features, pros and cons, i.e. you won't have good card draw or fancy removal in purple, however, there are lots of beefy bodies to compensate.

The more colors you combine, the less downsides you have to cope with. Building two-color decks is like poetry - making the most with limited resources.

That's exactly right. Triple color decks make it so classes don't have identities anymore. Mage can't remove supports? Just throw in purple. Mage has no card draw? Throw in green. Sure, you have to lose consistency by making your decks larger, but that also creates a new problem by assuring that decking out someone is no longer a viable strategy, and that RNG draws are more relevant than ever.

It's only a matter of time until they release the ability to just use a deck with every color. When that day comes, I'm leaving the game.



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