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endurance agility shitty scout deck
By: macewindows

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ON  Card - Miraak, Dragonborn1 year ago +2
yeah if you guess they might have it in their hand and you get lucky, maybe. No actual tactical counterplay.
ON  Card - Cliff Racer Onslaught1 year ago +1
Might be a nice finisher if it cost a bit more and didn't summon the guards.
ON  Card - Dwarven Centurion1 year ago +1
Pretty good for control. Works well with Mage's Trick, drawing a card and giving you the guard to protect him with. Just be cautious of leaflurkers.
ON  Deck - Whitebear84 Go4TESL DVC Monk (Link)1 year ago 0
why use brynjolf with no pilfer or drain in your deck?
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ON  Card - Miraak, Dragonborn1 year ago 0
This card is idioticly simple, and if you run it you deserve a slow death.



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