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endurance agility shitty scout deck
By: macewindows

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ON  Card - Miraak, Dragonborn1 year ago +2
yeah if you guess they might have it in their hand and you get lucky, maybe. No actual tactical counterplay.
ON  Card - Red Bramman1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
he was described in the pocket guide as being a man with long red hair. he raided throughout black marsh and was the main reason argonians distrusted humans for so long. the only time hes mentioned to be argonian is in ESL
ON  Card - Cliff Racer Onslaught1 year ago +1
Might be a nice finisher if it cost a bit more and didn't summon the guards.
ON  Card - Dwarven Centurion1 year ago +1
Pretty good for control. Works well with Mage's Trick, drawing a card and giving you the guard to protect him with. Just be cautious of leaflurkers.
ON  Deck - Whitebear84 Go4TESL DVC Monk (Link)1 year ago 0
why use brynjolf with no pilfer or drain in your deck?
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