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ON  Card - Dagoth Ur1 year ago +3
I'm honestly surprised he's missing Regenerate. I guess it's an attempt at keeping him balanced, but still, kind of weird since, back in Morrowind, his health reset to maximum every few milliseconds back in Morrowind. Ah well, still awesome.

Dagoth Ur welcomes you, Nerevar, my old friend. But to this place where destiny is made, why have you come unprepared?
ON  Card - Morag Tong Aspirant1 year ago +3
I think it's because it can replace itself if it dies killing something, or because of how well it synergizes with certain other cards, such as Naryu Virian and Brotherhood Sanctuary, in addition to its low cost. But yeah, it's definitely a bit weak for a legendary.
ON  Card - Therana1 year ago +1
Put this in a deck with Skeever Infestation. It synergizes fairly well, and it's fitting all things considered. You just need a decent draw engine and it's Skeever hell for your opponent. Perhaps Ice Spike, especially since each cast would put three 0-cost copies of it into your deck as well, or Rapid Shot for the same reason.

Therana will always be a volatile mix of insane and powerful no matter where she appears, I suppose.
ON  Card - Lame Corprus1 year ago +1
Back in the old days, this monster was only lame cause it limped. Guess it's lame in two ways now.
ON  Card - Galyn the Shelterer1 year ago 0
Use Brilliant Experiment to add a second copy to your hand and then cast Dark Rebirth on the one in play. You now have 4 extra Galyns to dick around with, and can use them to multiply themselves further if you choose to. Not sure if the +3/+3 bonuses will stack from being copied multiple times though.

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