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endurance intelligence Necro Dance 2.1
By: Hrinkell

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Lewel wrote:
Better use it in a self-harm deck.
Search for "takes damage" on your collection. Profit.
ON  News - October 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Altmer Dragonknight6 months ago +1
Am I the only one getting Altmer Dragonknight as reward??

Just kidding. I got Distiler too :(
ON  Deck - Justin larson skeever deck8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +1
"probably use Therana"

C'mon! Justin Larson did not include her cuz deck's theme was 'creatureless'. Other than that, Therana is actually autoinclude in any blue deck with 6+ actions
ON  Deck - Slay/Draw V21 year ago 0
5 sugesstions to cut:

-1 Disciple of Namira
-2 Archein Venomtongue
-2 Word Wall
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ON  Deck - Wolf heals8 months ago 0
Testing a similar idea, I achieved OTK activating The Night Mother with an Ebonheart Oracle and a Green-Touched Spriggan on the table. BOOM!!
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