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Rally Redoran
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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Tribunal Control - April 20181 year ago +2
Your best bet is something that transforms an enemy creature or steels it, and/or also the black dragon if you have the dark brotherhood. Mummify does work especially well on larger creatures, of course after mummify you can combo it with an execute providing you still have one at this point in the game.
Hope this helps you
It would take a while, i myself am a free to play player mostly ( I only spend little amounts of money now and then only buying a pack or two). and it has taken me around a year and a half now to get a collection that in full is only worth around 28,000 gems. although this could be due to me deconstructing a lot of cards to create new ones when the meta changes after every patch or expansion. However if you play regular enough as i am right now you can expand your collection quite a bit in only a month or so. plus don't for get to log in everyday in order to get your rewards and complete as many tasks as possible (you can also trade lower ones 30 coins or less for larger 50-70 coin ones in your stat area). As for decks if you are fairly new i would look at either saving your coins and purchasing a starter deck or finding a good budget deck to build off just remember the meta does change and you will have to replace cards no matter what you do.
I hope this helps you
Some may disagree but TESL is not a "buy to win" game. I think the collections are very affordable compared to other cardgames. I believe that in 4 months playing two to three hours a day you get all the blocks without paying anything. I never even got a penny at any game. But I undo many cards that are missing today( don´t do this!) So my decks are usually low budget, which never hurt my performance
This is true but once you get further up the ladder near rank 2 or so you start to realise that you do in fact find it alot easier to have either the stories or one of the collections. I myself do not have either (apart from the first dark brotherhood act ( which I bought from coins I have collected over the months)) and this really hurts my progress in the later stages of the ladder. Of course you can always try to replace the cards, as i do, but the are never quite as effective - much like budget decks - but I do agree the collections are some what affordable however the story lines are very expensive costing £16 per one, that is if you buy them all at once. I honestly think these are a little over priced but i do love the idea that you can purchase them with in game coins like i did although this does take a while to grind out and even longer if you are like me and love to but new packs and starter decks. Don't take this as me bashing on the game I love it but sometimes companies can go a bit too far with prices and I think that is what happened here.
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