ON  Deck - Snowmen Incorporated6 months ago +1
Very fun atronach roleplay deck and so satisfying when it goes off.
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ON  Deck - control 7 months ago 0
Glad you like it!
ON  Deck - Transitus Abomination Market Wish7 months ago 0
I think it works better to focus on the market and go for the otk because infinite turn timer makes it easy.
ON  Deck - Anti Hlaalu Rage Archer1 year ago +1
It's true they are dead cards before turn 12 and if you don't have all of them, so you can add maybe one more Baroness, Dushnikh or something else. And yeah it's
so satisfying when you are at 10 health they pop out a Conscription and that's where you OTK them :D
ON  Deck - BS Assassin (Blood Sacrament Assassin) 1 year ago -6
Pretty useless deck, but i guess it's for memes
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ON  Deck - Mid-Range Redoran1 year ago 0
Thank you for the reminder, I complete forgot about Oathman when I made the deck. I am also looking for a replacement for Bruma, I was thinking Barrow Stalker maybe.