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willpower strength Tyr's For Giant Fears
By: Flo Mo
endurance intelligence Defeating the tormentor in the backroom [MASTER]
By: Flo Mo

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semtamjebemi wrote:
Hello, any possibillity of updating this one or do you see it rather pointless after current nerf? Thanks
also wanna know ;)
ON  Deck - Anti-Fun Police! - Control Rage Warrior1 year ago +3
No Luck, yet. Maybe I m no Control Player ;)
ON  Deck - Factotum Dragon Rage Crusader1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
What do you mean by : rushing Alduin ?
Love the combos gonna try it out.
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ON  Deck - [BUDGET] Token Mage (w/o Epic or Legendary)2 years ago 0
love this deck. Winning Streaks are incoming ;)
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I only lost with this deck -.- ... but I had to swap some Cards, which I guess are the key Players ;)



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