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intelligence willpower Dragons and Shouts!
By: Bundy Theodore

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ON  Card - Voice of Balance10 months ago +1
Traghorn wrote:
Yeah this card is busted... Corsair Ship is a SUPPORT that plays a creature and equips it with an ITEM
But corsar ship a corsars ship. Where you can you see this card? Budget battlemage on items and token mage? That's all.
ON  Card - Ayrenn10 months ago +1
Effect can be stacked if you have another copy or Ayrenn. Doppelgangers work well.
ON  Card - Frenzied Alit8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +1
Just to remember: combo with this card and sword of Inferno = 4/1 Orc and firebolt.

If you need 1 drop for selfharm deck - firepot spider will be better.

ON  Card - Dwarven Colossus1 year ago 0
ScorpAaron wrote:
I bet it'll be something with guard or breakthrough
Guard indeed.
ON  Card - Galyn the Shelterer10 months ago 0
Worked great with Night to remember and Ordinator. Got 6 of 8/8 guards that can't be targeted. It's just better than Nahagliiv.



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