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intelligence willpower Dragons and Shouts!
By: Bundy Theodore

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ON  Card - Dwarven Colossus11 months ago 0
ScorpAaron wrote:
I bet it'll be something with guard or breakthrough
Guard indeed.
ON  Card - Galyn the Shelterer8 months ago 0
Worked great with Night to remember and Ordinator. Got 6 of 8/8 guards that can't be targeted. It's just better than Nahagliiv.
ON  Card - Aldora the Daring8 months ago 0
May work great in singleton deck. But usually this card have purpose force enemy use some removal, nothing more.
ON  Card - Voice of Balance8 months ago 0
Traghorn wrote:
Yeah this card is busted... Corsair Ship is a SUPPORT that plays a creature and equips it with an ITEM
But corsar ship a corsars ship. Where you can you see this card? Budget battlemage on items and token mage? That's all.
ON  Card - Quarra Clan Bloodkin8 months ago 0
drewsmars25 wrote:
Play this at three, the enemy wont take it seriously often and then maple shield and then ring of imaginary might and now they have a new priority and you just gained ten health. Or you could just summon her after you laid down high hrothgar and still get some major satisfactory results. However if you really wanna make a legendary play, imperial armor, maple shield, and then ring of imaginary might and you basically won the game at seven magicka and gained sixteen health in one attack...
I've did that combo with two Enchanted plate and Ring of Namira. 13/13 that can deal 26 in the face. Pretty impressive.



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