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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #11 week ago Edited 5 days ago   +3
I feel like fortress guard could strongly play into grave yard decks if you happen to be playing Redoran. Being able to discard a powerful card... say Alduin or Odahviing from your hand when you might've drawn it only to resummon it from your grave yard for nearly free is a huge advantage. But again, mostly only in Decks that run grave yard shenanigans.
ON  Card - Ring of Namira7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +2
Have Quarra clan Bloodkin on board and place Ring of Namira and hope you have these three cards. Imperial armor and
ring of imaginary might. Assuming you didn't hit them at all this game you pretty much win as your opponent will only have four health left over. Hopefully though you will have damaged him a little before then.

ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #11 week ago Edited 1 week ago   +1
If a 1/1 creature hits her, you'll always gain health equal to her power.
ON  Card - High Rock Summoner7 months ago +1
Too bad it doesn't give you lava, flesh or iron Atronach. If it did the surely this card would be five stars.

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ON  Card - Dres Tormentor7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +1
While editing my deck I realized that I had two creatures with shackle(Shrieking Harpy, Sanctuary Pet) that were more so stalling cards with no real synergy as my stratagy relied on getting to five plus magika to then make my pivotal major moves. I then added this card as well as winter's grasp, wild clumsiness and mace of encumbrance, and with the aforementioned shackle creatures with my re-summon deck, this card has allowed me to really pull out of some major early game troubles with speedy decks like I couldn't before from clearing a slew of low health slightly higher damage creatures to ebbing away at a powerful creature's health until I could make my move and fulfill my decks primary win condition.



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