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ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin6 months ago +1
Can you post a guide? I'm struggling a little bit.
ON  News - ALLIANCE WAR: CARD REVEAL #88 months ago +1
JackAries wrote:
What does "token" mean? I hear it a lot
It means little bodies literally. For instance marked man gives you a zero token which is a decent body for a zero cost. Other than that "Scouting Patrol" summons two soldiers. And most of these deck include cards such as "Divine Fervor, Orc Clan Captain, Fifth legion trainer..." simply which requires as much as body you can play in order to get highest value out of it.
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #1310 months ago +1
MVP = My Very Precious?
ON  Deck - Shouting Dragons10 months ago +1
Finally a deck that included Ulfric. Gonna give it a try!
ON  Deck - Lethal Archer (80%WR)10 months ago +1
Sounds fun tho. But here's a question. Don't you think Preyin Eltra is a little bit greedy and slow? I mean You will need tons of resources to use on that to draw two cards. And finally, are Vigilant Giant and Allena essential for this deck? I'm missing them but I have the gem to craft them :)
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