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ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr - Card Reveal #16 days ago +4
i think it's like to banish a creature card from your discard pile
ON  News - ALLIANCE WAR: CARD REVEAL #82 months ago +2
JackAries wrote:
What does "token" mean? I hear it a lot

when actions as Scouting Patrol or again Imperial Reinforcements summoning creatures as Imperial Grunt. In this case, Imperial Grunt is a token.
Creature can summoning tokens too: Bone Colossus (Skeleton is the token)
It can be the same for some support. Hope I was clear ahah
ON  Deck - Devour Dragon | Blood Warriors Guild Deck9 months ago +2
Stunning deck and nice gameplay video ! great work : )
ON  Deck - acampbell11's Namira's Party3 months ago +1
Excellent! Thanks for the repost and the idea of this list (love so much the use of the Thieves Guild Fence ! : D ). But Falinesti Reaver is really good ? : /
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ON  News - ALLIANCE WAR: CARD REVEAL #82 months ago +2
I want to test Baandari Opportunist in my Item Assassin ! :D
Craven Conscript looks good in an Item Convenant and Wish with Tokens ! nice cards revealed
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