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ON  Deck - Masters Series Burn Assassin2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +3
I'm playing a different version with less 0 cost cards and some more bodies and 0-cost procs (three copies of Murkwater Scourge and Suran Pawnbroker, but also House Kinsman and Blood Sacrament). Also running Cornerclub Gambler for more card draw and a decent body, Brotherhood Slayer for the sake of it being a prophecy and still giving 0 cost cards, and Goblin Skulk to actually stall and/or force removal, since there's still plenty of ways to draw and proc 0 costs. No Curses or Paralyzes, only Fireblooms and Forked Bolts. Got 9/1 so far on r5 and reached r4 in less than one hour. This version feels slightly more competitive due to face damage coming from different sources, so the deck doesn't have to rely on market and Hex only. Found a couple decks running Withered Hand Cultist, but the extra bodies allowed for removal in a turn or two, without hampering the deck at all.

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Hey, thanks for your honest reply. I tweaked the list a bit, since aggro started feeling uncomfortable for me as well. I got rank 2 today, win rate is still pretty solid.

ON  Deck - They are billions: undead army - TOP #50 LEGEND1 week ago Edited 1 week ago   +1
SheriffJohnStone wrote:
This deck looked like a lot of fun and I constructed 3 Bone Colossus and Vastarie for it. But like dav0r, I'm not having much success, only winning about 50% of the time on ladder, and I'm definitely playing well past turn 8 most of the time. I'm definitely not a top tier player, but I play often and tried to follow your guide. Any suggestions? Maybe on which cards are best to use Wake the Dead? (I usually picked Bone Colossus or Skeleton Champion)

Wake the Dead picks what's best for the turn you play it. If you have it early, it's usually Champ or Dark Guardian, but vs tokens I often take Bonewalker, which basically locks a lane, especially with Necro in hand. If you're poor on creatures, Dark Guardian is the best idea. If you have fair number of creatures, Champ it is. If you're at turn 5-6, Bone Colossus might be ok. From my experience, it varies a lot from the deck you're facing and the turn you're on. It's no use pulling a Bone Colossus to push damage if opponent might have lethal next turn.
My advice is to mulligan for at least a two drop early on, keeping Dark Guardian when you get it, and avoid breaking runes until you get a decent board presence. You should start pushing damage when you have at least a safe lane and can deal at least 10 damage, but that depends on the type of deck you're facing. If you're vs an aggressive prophecy deck, that's not a smart move, because you should try to close the game in 2 turns (ideally). Pretty much the same thing with drain-heavy package decks, they'll just outvalue you. Control is different, depending on what they have. Mostly, you want to put up a lot of pressure and might be ok to put a Champ on the ground even if you'd have some more stats by playing it the following turn.
By the way, I don't consider myself a good player, also I don't play too much. It's totally possible I had luck with my climb and I definitely made a lot of mistakes in a lot of games -and got punished sometimes. That said, if you want we can play a few games together, I think visual impact is better than just reading a lot of possible situations.
Not sure how to help. I got rank 1 with the deck, win rate is consistent for me. If you're having troubles with aggro decks, you might want to prefer guards in hand on mulligan and send back all prophecy cards in the deck. If that's control that troubles you, you could try avoiding breaking runes until you have a good board presence and also playing key cards on certain turns (i.e. a Champion to buff stuff before turn 6, so that something survives Ice Storm). If you want, we can try playing games, so that you can tell me the issues you're having. Name's Daghter, just add me if you want.
Luzrah is usually good in decks capable of good card draw and with Galyn. This is not the case, so I don't think she really belongs here.



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