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agility intelligence Last Gasp Altar Assassin still rocks (72% w.r.)
By: Daghter
endurance intelligence [Now Legend] Necromancer Dance!
By: Daghter
strength intelligence Control Onslaught (R4 to LEGEND, with guide)
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endurance willpower Stealsword (80% W.R. at Legend) + Guide
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endurance willpower Dark Crusader V. 2.0 (6/1 on Ladder)
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ON  Deck - [Now Legend] Necromancer Dance!5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   +1
Well, I don't agree with the lack of removal. I chose to add two Mummify mostly to deal with mid-range because I felt that was the real weakness of the deck. If you plan on just resurrecting stuff, you're playing it wrong. I mean, of course you can, but it's really situational and there's no "standard" playstyle. You mostly want to dig for guards early game, sending to graveyard everything with too high of a cost to be played and using actions to help maintain some sort of board control, and if you have to pick two actions, choose the one that you'll benefit most from (i.e. storms against aggro/conscription, mummify/bolt against mid-range). Always favor actions over creatures if you are overwhelmed, unless the creatures are buffed things that will force your opponent to either hard remove or trade in with multiple minions. There's a fair chance of drawing one action as a prophecy, which helps. If you're having issues with aggro decks, you can try swapping a bolt for a Fire Storm, that's gold against aggro. You don't want to break runes, unless you want to heal or if you have Dark Guardian up, answers to prophecies in hand and enough mana to play something. After you forced your opponent to trade in with your guards or small minions, you can start to think of what you want to reanimate and try to get a defiler or a necro on board. I suggest to play necros in shadow lane, so that they manage to survive at least a turn, then either buff them up with masks or shift them with nights, allowing control of a lane of your choice.
The big comeback comes from lack of support removal, which makes this deck weaker to Redoran/mid-range Tribunal, Altar Telvanni and maybe Namira warrior, but otherwise I never really had issues with aggro decks, unless I got bad starting hand/worse redraw and no prophecy draw, and definitely do really good against prophecy assassin/battlemage, as long as you don't break their runes (strenght of the deck is being able to resummon stuff and gain board control without many cards in hand, provided you built the graveyard properly). Also, sending back prophecies from your starting hand helps.
Anyway, I remember being really excited about a conscription Dagoth I really wanted to try out, but never managed to win a game with it, for some reason. It just happens to have a different playstyle or to simply not find the deck fun enough to play, can't argue with that. If you want, you can play a few games with me, even if I'm no master for sure. You can add me, name's Daghter.
ON  Deck - [Allegiance] Go green with Brass Arquebus!7 months ago +1
Just like Turi Orlando, I gave this deck a try and went 7-2 on my first run. Sadly, I have no Mechanical allies, nor Yagrum, so I added three Abandoned Imperfect and three Dismantle, along with a couple Incubators (only two Constructors here). Surprisingly, deck works great. There have been a few situations were I was badly behind and somehow managed to turn the tide by gambling into a Dwemer Hall with Imperfect up, getting two solid guards out. I might tweak the deck a bit if I get enough gems, but I feel is pretty solid as it is. Not sure Dismantle is worth three copies here though, I haven't faced a single Dwemer deck so far, even if support removal is still useful. Might remove one copy and maybe add a third Constructors or a single Ally. Thumbs up!
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ON  Deck - Last Gasp Altar Assassin still rocks (72% w.r.)4 months ago +1
Depends on the draw. Ashlander+Firebloom works great against aggro. Used to run Ice Storm for aggro, but I'm trying to figure out if it works without it.
ON  Deck - Silent but Deadly Telvanni Midgro7 months ago 0
I'm running a slighlty different version of the deck, took out the Deathlords (as you did, I see) and replaced them with Bleakcost Trolls. Also running House Kinsman to have some better burst and to give Dark Rebirth a bit more of a use (I felt it was too inconsistent, being decent on pretty much just 4 cards). I'm not using Tazkad anymore, and in general I feel all high cost cards are just too hard to draw in a 75 cards deck which doesn't have much draw power. A couple times I managed to resurrect Ancano with Necro, but that's pretty much it. I still don't know if I'll stick to Telvanni version (which is ok as midrange and just relies too much on luck for late finishers) or just try a midrange Sorcerer for consistency. Anyway, currently R3 and deck works fine, but I have some issues with control decks removing creatures and leaving me with no draws. Might consider adding Indoril Mastermind, but we'll see.

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ON  Deck - Silent but Deadly Telvanni Midgro7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   0
Will Smith wrote:
Daghter what did you swap out?

I took out Tazkad and a Dark Guardian to add two Kinsmen. Was considering the option to add Mighty Conjuring to give Sun some more options, but I stopped tweaking the deck after I hit legend.



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