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ON  Thread - Started Thread: Is Pure Intelligence deck viable?3 years ago +2
I have been having a degree of success with a pure blue deck and noticed that all of the decks in the deckbuilder are dual color. So have everyone given up on a pure one color deck?

I think Intelligence has some of the best actions for removing or locking down an opponents minions. Sure it lacks certain attributes like no Lethal but I have found that dropping cards that generate random attributes across minions makes up for this shortfall. Also seems the best attribute for cards providing card draw.

Here is my deck which is still very much under development as my card pool is small. Appreciate any comments on it as well.
Wisdom It's Own Reward 

ON  Deck - Mono Intelligence3 years ago +1
Really interesting deck. Just wish I had three Breton Conjurer and Ward Crafter as that is a killer combo. And you have three Supreme Atromancer! My collection is only at 41% so a fair way to go.

Are you finding Balmora Spymaster works? I tried it for a while but sometimes found it hard to buff and activate the effect so it just ended up taking a slot in a lane and the opponent never hit it.
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ON  Thread - Started Thread: What is the Impact of Changing Avatar / Race3 years ago +1
As soon as I got beta access I started playing without really thinking to much about my starting race and avatar. Now I realise that the race does have a significant impact as you level up and upgrade cards.

Just realised I can change my Avatar and I presume my race but I am not sure of the impact of this. Does this mean I get upgrades based on the new race from the level I change?

Also is there a list of the upgrades for each race somewhere?
ON  Thread - Some things new players might find helpful 3 years ago 0
Been trying to test but not had the chance but hopefully you know the answer:

If I shackle a minion with guard can I attack the opponent or do I still have to attack the minion?
ON  Thread - Just finished my first 9-win arena!3 years ago 0
Pretty sure it is a scripted drop from a 9 win run. But scripted really well ;)



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