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ON  Deck - Blood Hexmage5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   0
Hello @lyra, so I've been playing your deck alot and I love it. Rank 9 to 6 so far. I must say people have been salty for sure losing with a full board as I burst them from hand. I find myself having difficulties with willpower and eundurandce decks fairly often. Is there something I'm doing wrong or will that just be a inherent weakness of the deck? I've removed matrons and bats and have been experimenting with blood sorceress but shes usually easily removed or too late by the time she's useful. Have you made any updates to the deck or have any new card suggestions? Enamors keeper never seems to be able to get to face and Ive tried sanctuary pet as well but it only seems to work as a stop gap as alot of decks seem to have some sort of 2 dmg removal. Sorry for the essay! Huge fan of the deck!
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ON  Deck - SPICY AGGRO PROPHECY BM5 months ago 0
Alot of fun I have a few losses but most are to just ridiculous play like a dres tormenter into winter's grasp or dropping a doomcrag vampire and just ticking everything I put on the board. TFW also when you get no proph off runes or fate Weaver -_-
ON  Deck - Blood Hexmage5 months ago 0
Yes the healing is an obstacle like with a night shadow or riften lawkeepers and prophecy health potions, but I also find decks that drop a lot of guards and use removal early are hard to beat. I can't get enough damage in to finish off with the direct dmg cards and I quickly find myself being forced to trade with these creatures and losing out on face damage.

I appreciate all the feedback on some of my choices. I'm not any good at deck building as you can see so your critique definitely helps.
Any IoM cards you would recommend subbing into this deck?
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ON  Deck - Aggro Sorcerer - Plea to the Wilds [Legend #79]5 months ago 0
Any IoM cards you would consider in this deck?
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