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I love lamp.
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agility willpower Hail Mary Monk
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agility intelligence Sloppy Assasin
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agility intelligence Shacklesassin
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strength intelligence Shackles Battlemage
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ON  Deck - SPICY AGGRO PROPHECY BM - V2.03 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +5
I have not been having much success with this deck.

To be more specific, I'm getting crushed in casual and seem to run into a lot of guard decks in ladder. I'm at the bottom of rank 6 right now, and got there with my token crusader.
ON  Deck - (Updated) Conscription Market Shrine (LEGEND) ;-]4 months ago +2
Its definitely absolute cancer. I just sit there begging for the timer to run out while cards flash left and right. I still beat it every time if I can get my Dres Tormentor/Winters Grasp out, but god do these fights take forever. I could go make a sandwich and they'd still be leafwater blessing something.
ON  Deck - Alduin's Apocalypse10 months ago +1
Haven't won a single game with this deck, but honestly its been fun to play with. All the games were crazy close and exciting.
ON  Deck - Iron Fist8 months ago 0
I switched out the scimitar with the dagoth dagger because I kept having super powered creatures, hit a guard, had a scimitar in my hand, but would've won a turn faster with the dagger and breakthrough.
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ON  Deck - #1 Legend 90% WR Chadsader3 months ago 0
quality shitpost.



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