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WolfeyeCN wrote:
Actually, less actions makes Ayreen more consistent, Miraak is always good in mid decks. Odahviing not as good, but works for conscription and some aggro matchups. This deck is easy to drag to lategame so we need some finishers

Yeah, maybe you are right. Put some Abnur Tharn in there?
ON  Deck - Atronach Mage1 week ago 0
This seems like a fertile ground for Haafingar marauder... Gonna try this with it
ON  Deck - Midrange Consume Mage1 week ago 0
Do you consider adding some Temple Conjurers to give Kitty Conjurer some fuel?
Ayreen seems like a waste with only 8 actions, also Miraak and Odahviing are too slow for a mid range ://

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This looks nasty af
ON  Deck - Draghi uniti2 weeks ago 0
Doesn't this get murdered by aggro?
ON  Deck - Lucien's Orcs1 month ago +1
I agree with everything said here. Good deck
ON  Deck - Wounded Pact2 months ago +1
Looks very fun but a quick question, is card draw a issue here?
And don't you want to consider a charge creature to get the win like Tazkad?
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ON  Card - Hulking Scalon3 months ago 0
I really love this card
ON  Deck - DaDaDagoth3 months ago 0
Looks very fun and mid rangey. Thanks man
ON  Deck - Hulking Scalon Telvanni Deck 3 months ago 0
I cut the Spymaster for three copies of Ice Storm. It's been useful so far
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