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ON  Deck - Chanter Version 3.09 months ago +3
I played against you in the ladder and I was surprised about how aggro but at the same time combo this deck is
ON  Deck - My Precious... (Guaranteed Legend)7 months ago +1
Nice deck but I don't have Bramman, is it absolutely necessary ?
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ON  Deck - The cult of life and death (full guide esp/eng)6 months ago +1
Gracias. Me faltan cartas pero las conseguiré
ON  Deck - East Empire Strikes Back (Top 30 Legend) v39 months ago +2
I enojyed the reading very much. Unfortunately it seems that I need +11000 soul gems to make a deck like yours...
ON  Deck - Anti-Aggro Meta Control Tribunal(legend)9 months ago +1
A guide would be nice



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