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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #15 months ago +1
Well Ash Servant doesn't get removed by Dawnbreaker tho.
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #95 months ago +7
So if Greatwood Elder is in your hand on your first turn, you could play Crucible Blacksmith with its effect to draw Dawnfang.
ON  Card - Vivec4 months ago +1
Ceral107 wrote:
One card my friend: Lute. Lost against someone who played Vivec+Lute and Almalexia+Lute. No way to win this game without hard removal (which I didn't have as an assassin)
Well you could play Berne Clan Nightstalker
ON  Card - Afflicted Alit5 months ago 0
Me and my opponent were both at 1 live when I got this with my wild beastcaller. I won the match.
ON  Card - Barbas5 months ago 0
So I played my Barbas, chose Fetch and pulled another Barbas with it. Played the second Barbas, chose Fetch again and got a third Barbas. 5/5 for Fun Card and 4/5 for usefulness. Does not have the best stats but useful in any situation.



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