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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #12 weeks ago +1
Well Ash Servant doesn't get removed by Dawnbreaker tho.
ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #91 day ago +5
So if Greatwood Elder is in your hand on your first turn, you could play Crucible Blacksmith with its effect to draw Dawnfang.
ON  Card - Afflicted Alit3 weeks ago 0
Me and my opponent were both at 1 live when I got this with my wild beastcaller. I won the match.
ON  Card - Barbas3 weeks ago 0
So I played my Barbas, chose Fetch and pulled another Barbas with it. Played the second Barbas, chose Fetch again and got a third Barbas. 5/5 for Fun Card and 4/5 for usefulness. Does not have the best stats but useful in any situation.
ON  Card - High King Emeric2 weeks ago 0
When your board is full of creatures with Ward, his ability deals 16 dmg. So if you can resummon him on the same turn you can deal 32 dmg to face.



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