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ON  News - Upcoming Balance Changes1 month ago +10
Dawnbreaker didn't need to be nerfed! You guys suck! (Sorry just super upset about it...)
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ON  Deck - Self Suppress Warrior! Easy Legend!6 months ago 0
Looks pretty cool. Wish I had all the cards to try it.
ON  Deck - High Elf Training Test4 months ago 0
This looks like it has potential. I'm not the best at building decks so my advice would be useless.
ON  News - APRIL 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Seasoned Captain3 months ago 0
I got to play with this in arena I was wondering where this came from.
ON  Deck - Imperial Abomination 3 months ago 0
Thanks gicaforta I've been wanting to try a list like this, looks like I have some cards to craft:)



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