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Skeever Dream(updated)
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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #15 months ago +2
normally drain only triggers on your turn. this card is the exception, so yes, on both turns
ON  Card - Therana1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
SERIOUSLY?! oh come on bethesda! At least add the summon mechanic to the cards text, so it only triggers once. This is a must craft legendary, not because it is fun, but because it is too powerful not to. Can anyone imagine using this card on revealing the unseen? 0 mana draw two cards.
ON  Card - Falkreath Defiler5 months ago +1
in this case the kill was considered simultaneous. It shows defiler attacking ashlander, and then the ashlander effect procs killing the defiler. But this is done so that players can figure out what is going on, and in what order. In this case for a slay effect to work, the creature with slay needs to survive the attack. ash lander's effect procs, the second the attack is finished, so defiler doesn't survive the attack. Meaning the slay does not proc.
ON  Card - Moment of Clarity2 years ago +1
can your opponent see the card you get from moment of clarity?

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ON  Deck - Seuvir's Control Handbuff Redoran11 months ago Edited 11 months ago   0
i see what your trying to do with the battle mechanic and lion guard strategist, but fighters guild recruit with slay mechanic creatures might get you further in regards to win rate.... also i tried out this deck, and i keep getting slaughtered by aggro. A single silence screws any buffed rally creatures right up.
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